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We provide support for your writing and is opening doors to creativity.Watch our YouTube video.
Let us help you write your Story.
  • You keep 100% of your rights to the book
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  • Writing Coach to help you start and finish
  • Marketing Through Authorship Program for all businesses. Publish your book at no cost to you

Matching Stars

This is a story that makes you wonder about the magic of love, the secret bond two people share, and the elixir of life.

Matching Stars is a love story that evolves over the course of time. Twenty-year-old Mayuri Bhatt doesn’t blindly follow Indian marriage traditions.


I never view my children's diagnoses as a disability but the wonderful gift that God has provided me.

My book will focus on several important issues such as temperament, sensory, social skills, evaluation, IEP, strategies, and transition services.

Motorcycle Driving Lessons

6 Lessons to Your First Solo Ride

As you can see looking through the pages starting at the front of the book are the driving lessons and if you turn the book upside down and start at the back of the book you will find my actual experiences and practices.

REMEMBER – if I can do it, you can do it.



Ownership of Your Book

As the author you retain one hundred (100) percent of all rights, title to the Book and its contents, including all copyrights, trademarks, derivative rights, and other intellectual property associated with the Book, including any source files, production files, cover art, interior formatting, or anything else created by Farabee Publishing in your signed contract.


Services Provided by Publisher

We provide personal service on an individual basis.

Whether writing for business, fiction, nonfiction, children's books, no matter the genre we work with your schedule and provide what you need to become an author.


Marketing Through Authorship

Consulting and Collaboration for the Development of your Book

Publish Your Book at No Cost to You

 Businesses Will Advertise in Your Book

A Powerful Marketing Tool

Design Presentation and Marketing Tools Workbooks, Audio and Video CDs


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Carol Farabee


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Carol Farabee


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Carol Farabee


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James Graham


Marketing Through Authorship

Be the Expert. Write a Book.

Powerful Marketing Tool

Marie: Bond Unbroken

Romance and Intrigue at its best. Marie is depending on Ashton to prove her innocent. Follow their journey as they build an unbreakable bond of love and devotion.

Fate is a Sweet Lady

We have to believe there is a time for everyone. A time when we will have an encounter that will change our life. Is it a matter of Fate?

To everyone that believes in Fate and for those that need more convincing..

Beyond the Grave

It was maddening to hear the voices

On the edge of your seat through the entire book

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Cathy Peterson


Available NOW

Ada's Eye Opener



Available NOW

Red Means Stop


Available NOW

Lisa Guice


Available NOW

Gordon Palmer


The Privileged World

Spencer was born in a world with no laws or rules.  A world where drug abuse was common, homeless people who had to hunt, beg, and steal their food and there was no education. No chance to become better. 


Managing Your Personal Finances

Having problems controlling your finances? Here is a book just for you.

Learn how to track your spending and keep track of your expenses.


Traffic Safety Alliance

Careless is No Accident

Consequences, Victims, No Closure


Your Just a Quote Away From Your Greatness

You know that there is Greatness in you but for some reason it has been allowed to lay dormant year after year.

Journal Bundle also Available


Summer On The Farm

Join Patti and the twins, Bailey and Bobby as they spend the summer with their Grandfather on his farm.

Adventure awaits them. Join them as they explore and find...

Available NOW

Arizon Beer


Available NOW

The Little Red Dinghy


Available NOW

Mulenga Chella


Available NOW

Red Means Stop


Available NOW

Alyssa Louttit

Arizona Beer Brewing Under the Sun

The Ultimate Guide to Arizona Breweries

2016 Edition


I remember that spring day when Grandpa drove me out to the docks and introduced me to the boat that started it all…

Join Gracie and her Grandfather as they take many boat rides and experience the adventures of Turtle Island, Beaverton Lodge, and Otter's Cove.


The Call to Surrender

Mullenga Chella

A Call To Surrenderis a story about how Mulenga Chella experienced God's redemptive power first -hand.

- Pastor Curt Kruschwitz, First Baptist Church of Waco


Color Edition

Traffic Safety Alliance

Careless is No Accident

Consequences, Victims, No Closure


From the Ashes

Journals of Fire

The Journals of Fire is a four part fantasy series about the life and experiences of Alicara Lerose. The first volume, From the Ashes, you see the beginning of Alicara's exploits through the world of magic.

Available NOW

Let Go, Embrace Change and Have Fun


Available NOW

Social Media Marketing



Available NOW

Reggie the Burrowing Owl


Available NOW

Reggie the Burrowing Owl Coloring Book

The book guides you on your personal journey to discover the most important relationship in your life.


Shyla can help you unlock the Opportunities your Business has by Establishing a Credible Online Presence.

The True Story Of How A Family Found And Raised A Burrowing Owl. 


Coloring Book of Reggie the Owl and his Adventures.

Available NOW

How To Live Pure In An Impure World

Living pure in a fallen tolerant world is a life decision we all need to make.

Dan Kapenga boldly dives into Biblical principles and life examples of how to stand for purity and follow God’s roadmap in ‘How to Live Pure in an Impure World.’


Available NOW

Regeneration: Dawn of Tomorrow

Leo might just change the world as he ventures through stolen code, lies and secrecy, but he can never change the past.

1st book of 3 book series



Available NOW

Brand To Bucks

A No Nonsense Guide To Building A Six Figure Brand

Learn about Branding your company for its greatest success

Branding is not a website, it is not a logo, it is not a building, or any object for that matter. It is not marketing, it is not sales, it is not so much what is seen AT FIRST.


Available NOW

Consequences of Truth:

A Go Getter's Guide To Heal From Hurt And Live A DOPE Life

Chelsea’s desire and love to inspire, motivate and help others is what propelled her into birthing her book.



Farabee Publishing provides support for your dreams to come true. Write that book and let us help you publish, market and advertise. It is your work so you retain all rights. 

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