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Catching A Ride


Tony and Ben’s Mexico road trip ends with a car
crash in Canada. Left with no car and no money,
they embark on a hitchhiking race to the Jersey
Shore. Whomever reaches the Atlantic last must
buy the winner their replacement vehicle.

Ben is well aware Tony usually bests him in their peculiar challenges.

Financially strapped, Ben cannot afford to lose. 

Nearing the East Coast, Ben finds a ride with a lousy
driving, blonde, blue-eyed female who makes him
forget everything except that he has never been in
love before.

Follow along with Ben, who has taken a vow of silence until he reaches the Jersey Shore, as he struggles with his feelings and not being able to speak.

Bear The Hamster

Bear left us, or so we thought, for two years, and came back so we could tell his story. 

The story is about resilience, diversity, and friendships that can be found in all walks of life.  


This is a story that helped bring us all back together and we hope you like it. 

Adam Hawk: U S Marshal

Volume 1 through 5 of 20 book series

Adam arrived in Mexico to visit with his Uncle Carlos.

He was involved in cattle rustling, attempted murder, and kidnapping.

Volume 2. Follow Adam as he teams up with his cousin, Steven Mathews and stop Senior Rodrigues from cattle rustling and using the people of the town as he pleases. Adam learns to fight and sees his cousin in a new light. “The Measure Of A Man Is In His Acts.”

Volume 3.Adam’s brother James, 8 years old, and his girl friend Sarah, also 8 years old, are kidnapped and taken to Mexico. Robert Edwards, 12 years old, and Christine Warren, 11 years old, are also kidnapped by Jonas, Mathew Edwards’ brother.

Volume 4. Adam is recovering from his wound. Uncle Barry arrives to help track down the outlaws that wounded Adam. Robert has taken over as the Marshal of the town. Mathew and Hawk are riding to the town to help. Dan and Santos are on their way also.

Volume 5.Robert Edwards and Christine Warren were kidnapped. Robert was hurt and left on the road to die. Christine was taken and a note was sent to her Mother Carla Warren to come to Mountain Pass or her daughter could be killed.

Discover Your Path

Unlocking Your College and Career Potential

Welcome to a fun adventure about discovering yourself
and thinking about careers!
These puzzles are made just for curious kids
in middle school, like you. We have word searches, tricky
word games, mazes, crosswords, and Sudoku puzzles
for you to solve.



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Josh Kowalczyk


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Carol Farabee


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Carol Farabee


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CS Farabee



Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

When you get home and the first thing you do is grab that beer from the refrigerator, mix a drink, or light up a marijuana joint look at it in your hand and ask, ‘Do I need this?’

If the answer is YES. You need to read this book.

Marie: Bond Unbroken

Romance and Intrigue at its best. Marie is depending on Ashton to prove her innocent. Follow their journey as they build an unbreakable bond of love and devotion.

Fate is a Sweet Lady

We have to believe there is a time for everyone. A time when we will have an encounter that will change our life. Is it a matter of Fate?

To everyone that believes in Fate and for those that need more convincing..

Finding Love In The Right Places

5 Short Stories about finding Love

Follow the women as they find love in the unexpected places.

It will happen when least expected.

CS Farabee


CS Farabee


CS Farabee


CS Farabee


Don't Feed Elephants

Regardless of what success means to you, how you attain that worthy goal is universal.  This book explores the various avenues to reaching success and how to work your way around the roadblocks you will certainly encounter.


Traces Of Eve

Follow Grace as she walks in the footsteps of Eve only to discover a nightmare of events that would change both their lives forever.

The mystery of Eve’s kidnapping from her home, the many people that are involved in solving the mystery and the events that happen have twists and turns. New evidence unveils itself as we dig deeper into Eve’s disappearance and her presence in Grace’s mind.


Love Will Find A Way


Why Does It Always Surprise Us That Love Finds A Way??

There are 3 love stories that prove that love will find a way.


To Everyone that believes in Love and for those that need more convincing.


Rose Of My Heart

We do not always choose our soul mate. Many times, it is chosen for us. We may not see it, feel it or believe it but there is something there that cannot be denied. Love will find you and if you are patient and kind it will find you.

Dwain and Rose find each other and develop a strong relationship of trust and love.

Journey with them in their discoveries and open your imagination to mystery, magic and love.


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Arizona Beer


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The Little Red Dinghy


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Mulenga Chella


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Journey To Virtuous




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HM Martinez


Arizona Beer Brewing Under the Sun

The Ultimate Guide to Arizona Breweries

2016 Edition


I remember that spring day when Grandpa drove me out to the docks and introduced me to the boat that started it all…

Join Gracie and her Grandfather as they take many boat rides and experience the adventures of Turtle Island, Beaverton Lodge, and Otter's Cove.


The Call to Surrender

Mullenga Chella

A Call To Surrenderis a story about how Mulenga Chella experienced God's redemptive power first -hand.

- Pastor Curt Kruschwitz, First Baptist Church of Waco


For the woman who struggles to feel worthy of more because of her past.

Journey to Virtuous is for the woman who struggles to feel worthy of more because of her past. Being haunted by the stain of our scarlet letters can keep us from reaching for more in life. Some of us settle for less than what we could have simply because of our past choices and experiences.


Poems of God's Grace

Understand this above all else. “Whether you believe in God or not, He believes in you."

"He will never abandon you, never turn his back on you or disown you. He will walk beside you, feel your hurt, and heal your heart.”

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Hawk: Taming Border Towns


The Long Journey Home


Alexandria became Alex, Jake's son. Alex liked being Alex. Riding, roping and being on the range. When Alex was 17 she was on a cattle drive taking 100 head of cattle to the Mexican border. She was shot during a cattle rustling raid and fell down a ravine and hit her head. She was found and taken to a Mexican village where Rosa helped her get well.

Alex's memory was lost. In search of her memory she became Alejandro Hawk.

After being a Marshal on the border and taming towns on both sides for four years she finally remembered who she was Alex Winslow.

Book 2 in the Series: Hawk: The Long Ride Home

Hawk has regained her memory and is heading home. Along the way she tames more towns and adopts a couple of sons. James and Adam Hawk.
When she reaches home there are many things to do before she can settle down to a peaceful home coming.


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Adam Hawk, US Marshal

Volume 1 of 20 book series

Alejandro Hawk, The Long Ride Home, met Adam Mathews in a town where the townspeople would not stand up to the outlaws that would come into the town and kill the citizens and rob them.

Adam was 12 at the time and several other boys his age, fought off the outlaws with the Hawk. He was leaving town, that did not want him because of who his father was, when Hawk caught up with him and asked him to come to their ranch in northern California as Hawk’s son.


After a year on the ranch Hawk received a telegram from a US Marshal that he needed the Hawk’s help. Adam was 14 now and was tall for his age and did not look like he was 14. He went instead and that started Adam on his adventures.

Follow Adam and the Hawk family through this 20-book series as they help fight off cattle rustlers, bank robbers and outlaws that wanted to take over the towns and control the west.

Adam remembered the psalm that his Mother read to him. This is what drives him and the Hawk family.

There is a verse in Psalm 12 that reads: ‘Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan, I will now arise,” says the LORD. “I will protect them from those who malign them.’



Alex Winslow was born Alexandria Winslow. Alisha was Alex's twin sister. Jake Winslow wanted a son not two daughters.



She is hoping this is the last town she has to tame.

She has become a legend. Can a legend settle down into peace and calm?


Adam Mathews an outlaw's son became a US Marshal and brought law and order to the west.

Follow Adam as he tries to tame the west.



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How To Live Pure In An Impure World

Living pure in a fallen tolerant world is a life decision we all need to make.

Dan Kapenga boldly dives into Biblical principles and life examples of how to stand for purity and follow God’s roadmap in ‘How to Live Pure in an Impure World.’


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Permission To Thrive

Permission to Thrive is a great read for the woman who knows she has a greater purpose, but struggles to find the strength and courage to step out of her comfort zone to pursue the levels of greatness that await her arrival.



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The Golden Amulet

Callie was born into a family legacy of special gifts. She had an adventure growing up and finding love in a place she never dreamed.

Take this journey of life, love, and adventure with Callie. Read about her life as she discovers her gifts and strengths and what it means to love unconditional.


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Consequences of Truth:

A Go Getter's Guide To Heal From Hurt And Live A DOPE Life

Chelsea’s desire and love to inspire, motivate and help others is what propelled her into birthing her book.


I never view my children's diagnoses as a disability but the wonderful gift that God has provided me.

My book will focus on several important issues such as temperament, sensory, social skills, evaluation, IEP, strategies, and transition services.


A Poetry Girl’s Diary

This is a story of how I found a love within a Poetry Girls' Diary.

A current relationship with self, that has changed meaningless, wearisome turmoil, into productivity and purpose. I am not only a mother of four. I am living to leave a legacy.

Twas The End Of July 2020

Every once in a while, an author comes along that brings joy into our lives with a book of illustrations by two 8 year old girls

The is book is full of fun and enjoyment and shows how a family makes the best of staying home and begin safe.


God, Where Is My Man?

“God, Where is My Man” was written to encourage, build self-worth and value for every woman, regardless of their negative past relationships or the opinion of others. Knowing and trusting God is the foundation for life. God’s plan is best for you and that includes the man that will love you like Christ loves the church.

The Power of Charms

Told through the stories of Real Women

Leading Powerful Lives


Charms are wearable symbols that define the passions of a person’s life. Do you have a charm bracelet? One that is filled with memories, travels, inspirations from your life? It’s a common bond with so many women I meet...we all have a charm bracelet.


Andy Beal

The life and Times of Dr. Richard S. Beal Jr.

Dr. Beal’s life was an adventure.  God invited him on a magnificent adventure of faith with a love for others that set everyone ablaze.

Bunny Primacio

Motorcycle Driving Lessons

As you can see looking through the pages starting at the front of the book are the driving lessons and if you turn the book upside down and start at the back of the book you will find my actual experiences and practices.

REMEMBER – if I can do it, you can do it.


Available NOW

James Graham


Beyond the Grave

It was maddening to hear the voices.

You are on the edge of your seat through the entire book


Gordon Palmer


Ada's Eye Opener


Red Means Stop


Lisa Guice

Summer On The Farm

Join Patti and the twins, Bailey and Bobby as they spend the summer with their Grandfather on his farm.

Adventure awaits them. Join them as they explore and find...

Managing Your Personal Finances

Having problems controlling your finances? Here is a book just for you.

Learn how to track your spending and keep track of your expenses.

Traffic Safety Alliance

Careless is No Accident

Consequences, Victims, No Closure

Your Just a Quote Away From Your Greatness

You know that there is Greatness in you but for some reason it has been allowed to lay dormant year after year.

Journal Bundle also Available



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