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Adam Hawk Volume 5


Adam Hawk

US Marshal Volume 5 of 20 book series

About the Author

CS Farabee has written more than 30 stories she will publishing in the next five years. She loves to write. She has her Young Writers Foundation, 501c(3) nonprofit and works with 12 to 19 year old students write and find the love of writing.

CS is also an entrepreneur and mentor to for profit as well as nonprofit organizations, college professor teaching information technology, leadership and management.

Everyone has a fantasy they want to live out. The fantasies we write, believe, and feel keep us alive in a world that tries to calm our imagination. Let’s keep our imaginations alive.

About the Book

Robert Edwards and Christine Warren were kidnapped. Robert was hurt and left on the road to die. Christine was taken and a note was sent to her Mother Carla Warren to come to Mountain Pass or her daughter would be killed.

Robert is in a hospital in Los Angeles, lying unconscious from a concussion.

Dan is riding to help Brad get Christine back.

Jason Willard has sent men to the town to kill anyone stopping him from killing Christine and Carla Warren.

Jackson Warren arrives in Los Angeles. Meets with Carla Warren. James Hawk on his way to mediate.

Men killed, Christine held captive and in danger, Brad mortally wounded. Hawk, Adam Hawk, Mathew Edwards and Barry Strong, US Marshal were on their way. Aaron Bruster the Marshal is working with Dan to keep the town safe until they arrive.

Aaron said, “Hawk and Adam Hawk are legends. Adam is only 16. Robert and Dan Edwards have a reputation and they are just about as fast as Adam. They use their guns to protect others. Your newspapers tell the stories of the gunfighter. They need to tell the story, of these young men, that keep the peace and defend those towns, that are taken over by those that would kill for profit.”

Lives change, moments change, but those that protect the innocent will always be there.



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