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Adam Hawk Volume 2

Adam Hawk

US Marshal Volume 2 of 20 book series

About the Author

CS Farabee has written more than 30 stories she will publishing in the next five years. She loves to write. She has her Young Writers Foundation, 501c(3) nonprofit and works with 12 to 19 year old students write and find the love of writing.

CS is also an entrepreneur and mentor to for profit as well as nonprofit organizations, college professor teaching information technology, leadership and management.

Everyone has a fantasy they want to live out. The fantasies we write, believe, and feel keep us alive in a world that tries to calm our imagination. Let’s keep our imaginations alive.

About the Book

Adam arrived in Mexico to visit with his Uncle Carlos.

He was involved in cattle rustling, attempted murder, and kidnapping.

Follow Adam as he teams up with his cousin, Steven Mathews and stop Senior Rodrigues from cattle rustling and using the people of the town as he pleases. Adam learns to fight and sees his cousin in a new light. “The Measure Of A Man Is In His Acts.”

Adam is a prisoner at Senior Rodriguez Hacienda. He has to depend on his cousin Steven Mathews, his Uncle Carlos and Uncle Barry to rescue him.

Steven meets Carlos’ daughter Lola and he is lost for his love for her. Steven knows that Carlos would never let his daughter be with him so he works to get Senior Rodriguez out of Mexico and save Adam.

Adam spends 6 months with his Uncle Carlos and rides back to Northern California. He meets challenges along the way and Mathew Edwards. A dandy from back east and as Mathew travels to California with Adam they encounter outlaws and killers along the way.

Join them as they travel the west to California.

Mathew confronts his stepbrother Jonas, finds a family that accepts him in Robert, Jasmine, and Dan.



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