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Empowered by a Purpose

Know that no one has the same talents, skills, and abilities that you've been given to be who you-are. You are an incredibly beautiful being with an intricate purpose in life. Stand firm in your qualifications to be a better you, each day that is not promised.


I'm not built to give up. Thank you all for believing in me. Your thoughts and prayers push me through.


Jamillah Mitchell is a mother of four children; Jourdain, Genesis, Jeremiah and Zion. Native of Oakland, CA, currently residing in Hurst, TX. She is an open book, awaiting the opportunity to help women heal.

She writes as a form of therapy in which she will not hold back, in the battle to gain reassurance along with a strong desire to never sit idle in a thought.

Taking a risk in being as real as the worst situation you could possibly fathom. Here is a story of a woman's superpower that was laid dormant in a broken heart.

Within her story, here you will learn how to restructure your thoughts into things, you never knew you held. Please embark on this journey as a tool to a new-found confidence, validation of self, and owning your worth.

I am the most imperfect, perfect example of what NOT to do, yet it was all for a purpose to share with You. #Empowered This life is not my own. I dwell here, to be a witness, a testimonial of all things being possible.

Hate Is Real, Don't Let It Kill You.


Someone faces the same struggles. I'm an open book to share what's within.

# IwantedtogiveupYesterday

Someone asked me, "Why do you put so much on yourself?" when God says move you move. That is when our faith and trust is tested.

I’ve been here before and writing a book is not going to stop me now. I'm expecting an abundance of blessings really soon that it would be too much for me to contain with tears flowing freely.

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