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Poetry Girl - Empowered By A Purpose

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Love life be brave. Fear not, you no longer have to wallow in the misery of feeling like life is over. You have a purpose in you, that you have had to fight for.

You've suffered, you've learned, you've changed. Go with that, as you experience this growth of super-power, I never knew I carried.

I am the light, at the of the fear I have held onto, which is why it is now that I am moving out of my own way. When life had meaning, but no direct path, of where I wanted to build my future. My eyes have been opened to innovative ideas, opportunities, and confidence I hesitated to show.

God wants me to shine, he believes I can do this. Here I am, I am here. I have very little to lose, everything to gain. With trust, faith, and effort. I will finish the process to encourage those lost, hurt, folded and given up.

I have been designed to bring awareness to where you're going. There is a choice to make in life. Will you choose to live? Or, will you live by default? We have been given the necessary tools to beat adversity.

To overcome hurt, failure, unforgiveness. Smile when it hurts, cry when the pressure builds. Where there is confusion, your thoughts become too loud.


Silence life with empowered, positive, motivational thoughts to encourage yourself when you feel alone. Reminding yourself, "you are enough."



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