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The Power of Charms


The Power of Charms

Told through the Stories of Real Women Leading Powerful Lives


About the Book

Charms are wearable symbols that define the passions of a person’s life. Do you have a charm bracelet? One that is filled with memories, travels, inspirations from your life?

It’s a common bond with so many women I meet...we all have a charm bracelet. There is something so special about collecting these tiny symbols...like “Soldiers of Support” that define your life and the woman that you have become. Growing up I was always fascinated with my Grandmother’s charm bracelet and loved to hear the soothing tinkle of metal charms engaging with each other to create that special sound.

Little did I know that my life’s work would revolve around charms. In 2004 I started a charm company called Charity Charms to help charities spread awareness and raise funds for their cause. The Charity Charms concept turns the icon in an organization's logo into a beautiful, wearable mini work of art that also defines the brand. This is a completely custom program that has helped over 500 organizations worldwide and raised millions for important causes.

About the Author

When I started Charity Charms, almost twenty years ago, they were only thought of as a whimsical jewelry item.

Today they are embraced as a force for good and a vehicle of change and social impact. I laugh when my friends call me the "Matriarch of Cause Jewelry," but I am also very honored.

Now being able to share this beautiful, meaningful jewelry movement with the world fulfills the dream and vision I had when I created the concept of Charity Charms.

Live Your "Charmed Life" Always

The name "Charity Charms, " is ours but the concept belongs to the World.

An added SILVER LINING in my work has been meeting dynamic, interesting women in all walks of life, and funny enough, they all love charms too. Every woman has a story about a significant symbol or symbols that guide her life and define her passions. Charms are symbols brought to life.

In 2020, as I looked for new meaning and a new focus with the challenge of the pandemic, I started interviewing women whom I'd met, done business with, and was inspired by. The lovely interviews that resulted brought out fun and meaningful encounters and the subject of charms always popped up. I began asking each woman…"what was her power symbol for her life?"

Was it a wing, a heart, a sun, or some other symbol not so common? It occurred to me that charms truly have a power that perhaps has never been fully explored - so I set out on a quest to explore their significance more deeply. This book features the women I interviewed, their power charm, and what it means to them.

Please enjoy the stories of these passionate women, embrace the significance of their power charms, and hopefully be inspired to build or add to your very own meaningful charm bracelet.



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