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Reggie the Burrowing Owl

Reggie the Burrowing Owl

The True Story Of How A Family Found And Raised A Burrowing Owl



This is the story about how one, little orphaned burrowing owl brought five children and their parents together on a mission to care for him as best they could. And in doing so learned that—there’s no such thing as an ordinary day with a burrowing owl around. 

Though our days revolved around Reggie, it is the unique way Reggie impacted our once ordinary lives and those around us which makes this story so special. 

I hope you will find it so as well.

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I first wrote these true events as they happened in 1967.  I thought I had lost the story after years of moving, among other events, until at last it was found in a drawer we hardly ever used.


It is good to remember and reflect on the adventures we had together with that fearless little owl.  I hope by sharing this short story it allowed you to join us in the adventure too!


Now, as more rural places have grown into cities, owls and other wild animals that once thrived in the surrounding areas have been pushed out and find it ever increasingly hard to survive.

Many states, including California, now consider the burrowing owl as an endangered species. 

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When my father mentioned he found his original writings to the story after 30+ years he had asked my wife and I to review it.  I wasn't around too much during the adventures with Reggie, but I can remember being a little frightened of Reggie when my sister and I visited our father during the late 1960's.  When I was reading the story I was not only feeling the sense of my youth, but how I was brought in to help take care of this little owl. 

I wanted to make it a priority to help my father see his story come to completion.  It was a joy to help my father finish his story of "Reggie, The Burrowing Owl" and I hope you'll enjoy reading it!



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