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Hawk Taming Border Towns


About the Book

Alex Winslow was born Alexandria Winslow. Alisha was Alex's twin sister. Jake Winslow wanted a son not two daughters.

Alexandria became Alex, Jake's son. Alex liked being Alex. Riding, roping and being on the range.
When Alex was 17 she was on a cattle drive taking 100 head of cattle to the Mexican border. She was shot during a cattle rustling raid and fell down a ravine and hit her head. She was found and taken to a Mexican village where Rosa helped her get well.

Alex's memory was lost. In search of her memory she became Alejandro Hawk. She had a clean slate, and she became who she was and wanted to be. No one telling her who or what she was.

She gained a reputation, and no one thought that she was other than what she presented. She was Alejandro Hawk. After being a Marshal on the border and taming towns on both sides for four years she finally remembered who she was Alex Winslow.

About the Author

CS Farabee has written more than 30 stories she will publishing in the next five years. She loves to write. She has her Young Writers Foundation, 501c(3) nonprofit and works with 12 to 19 year old students write and find the love of writing.

CS is also an entrepreneur and mentor to for profit as well as nonprofit organizations, college professor teaching information technology, leadership and management.

Everyone has a fantasy they want to live out. The fantasies we write, believe, and feel keep us alive in a world that tries to calm our imagination. Let’s keep our imaginations alive.



Farabee Publishing provides support for your dreams to come true. Write that book and let us help you publish, market and advertise. It is your work so you retain all rights. 

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