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Dr.Richard S Beal Jr.

Life and Times of Richard S. Beal Jr

A Man of Faith and Science

Dr. Beal’s life was an adventure.  God invited him on a magnificent adventure of faith with a love for others that set everyone ablaze. 

Dr. Beal became a renaissance man of sorts, given all his accomplishments, from pastoring several church’s, teaching college, teaching seminary bible classes, describing new insect species, working as a research scientist at the Smithsonian, the Dean of a University, and writing a book to show there is no conflict between Christian faith and science. 

In his youth, he was pulled, pushed, compelled and repulsed by good teachers, bad teachers, parents and friends. Nevertheless, he found the world to be a staggering creation, overflowing with wonders and beauty, ready to be explored and uncovered. The Arizona desert was so much more than most of us see, from the window of our car. It was a delicate treasure, breathing with life and a history of God’s handiwork. 

About the Author Andy Beal

Andy began his career as a small business owner. He owned and operated a Lawn Care Distributorship covering 3 states and 17 locations, then worked 9 years as a Corporate Director, and coached franchise owners and CEO's an additional 17 years.  The greatest lessons Andy learned began with facing his own mistakes, understanding the power of collective wisdom from Christian peers, studying God's manual, the practice of leading others, and being on your knees based on the truth you know from the accurate assessments of others.

Andy Beal: Most remarkably, Dad was free. He was free to love others instead of just himself. He sought out the youth at the YMCA and the Boy Scouts, recruiting young boys from the poorest neighborhoods to be part of his Scout troop. He changed lives, many times in the most humble circumstances. He was a man of action. Yet, he was willing to be in God’s story, as a teacher, a father, a husband, and a Christian leader, instead of creating his own story of self interest. In the midst of this adventure his faith endured the death of a child.  The dark side of life crashed in during his prime. Yet God’s light gently streamed into his life and showed the way through it. Seasoned by tragedy, there was healing for those around him. This is the life of Dr. Richard S. Beal Jr.



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