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Discover Your Path


Discover Your Path




About the Book

"Discover Your Path" serves as a guide for self-discovery, aiding students in setting goals and preparing for educational journeys post high school. CEO and Founder, Antoinette Mendez, highlights its significance:

"We're dedicated to equipping students and families with the tools for informed decision-making, sparking a passion for lifelong learning."

Key Features:

Engaging activities that foster self-discovery and critical thinking. Introduces essential language and literacy related to career choices.

Encourages informed decision-making and goal-setting. Cultivates a college-going culture among students and families. The "Discover Your Path"

Activity Book is now available for purchase.







Farabee Publishing provides support for your dreams to come true. Write that book and let us help you publish, market and advertise. It is your work so you retain all rights. 

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