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Dan Kapenga

How To Live Pure In An Impure World

A Radical Fight Against Temptation



When you keep sin in the dark it grows. When you put it in the light it dies. Living pure in a fallen tolerant world is a life decision we all need to make.

It is crazy at how simple it is to justify sin. It is crazy at how simple it is to give into temptation.

Dan Kapenga boldly dives into Biblical principles and life examples of how to stand for purity and follow God’s road map in ‘How to Live Pure in an Impure World.’

Dan shares his personal battle with lust and ow this sin impacted his life and his walk with Christ.

Dan is vulnerable and passionate about living PURE for God.

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Dan Kapanga currently resides in West Michigan with his wife, Amanda, their three children and any foster child that has been placed in their home.

Spending time with family is on the top of his priorities, whether that is movie marathons, playing back yard sports, or living room wrestling.

Dan is actively involved at his home church where he is an Elder, and he is currently co-leading a 3 year capital stewardship campaign.


Guys, you were born to win.  God made you that way.  He made you to make an eternal difference with your life.  But there is a very real Enemy who tries to tear you down and keep you from experiencing the potential you have inside you.  Too many men I know are not experiencing all God has for them because of a mind that's been tainted by Porn.  But you can LIVE FREE of that!  Dan Kapenga, in "How to Live Pure in an Impure World" will show you how.   It'll help you "stand strong in all the will of God, mature and fully assured."  Walk away from shame and defeat and into a life of freedom.  This book, will provide the path!

Rev. Chris Conrad, District Superintendent, West Michigan District – Wesleyan Church

I've had the privilege of ministering with Dan for a few years now. He's the real deal. This book details Dan's journey of breaking free from lust. If you struggle in this area, you will benefit from candid but encouraging way Dan leads you along the path to freedom.

Craig Rees, Senior Pastor, Central Wesleyan Church



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