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"Opening Doors
to Creativity"
Consequences of Truth
A Go Getter's Guide To Heal From Hurt And Live A DOPE Life



About the Book

Are you a “bag lady?” If you are anything like me, you have spent way too much time carrying around dead weight, bad relationship residue and undealt with emotions. I waste so much energy thinking everyone was against me when the truth was that I so desperately needed to work on me.

Are you a runner? Do you find it easier to leave or dismiss yourself from a situation rather than addressing things head on so that you can finally grow the way you are supposed to?

Have you ever self-sabotaged a relationship to avoid having to deal with wondering if you can love and be happy again? Have you ever held back all you had to say only to find out you got in your own way?

A preacher’s daughter, former singer, born in Jackson, MS and raised in Atlanta, GA, Chelsea has always been after the heart of helping others perfect their love for God and themselves.

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About the Author: Chelsea Smith

Chelsea is a certified life coach, Motivational Speaker and women’s empowerment advocate.  Chelsea’s desire and love to inspire, motivate and help others is what propelled her into birthing her book and coaching women to break free of toxic behavior by facing their truth and healing from past hurt.

A survivor of drug addiction, molestation, abortion broken-heartedness and lack of self-love, out of the dust, she has risen to help others learn how to arise within themselves. Having a firm foundation of faith in God, being true to one’s own self while motivating others is merely a fraction of the calling on her life. In this book, take a ride down the journey of a broken child turned into a whole woman.




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