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Catching A Ride


Catching A Ride


Catching A Ride





About the Book

Tony and Ben’s Mexico road trip ends with a car crash in Canada. Left with no car and no money, they embark on a hitchhiking race to the Jersey Shore. Whomever reaches the Atlantic last must buy the winner their replacement vehicle. Ben is well aware Tony usually bests him in their peculiar challenges. Financially strapped, Ben cannot afford to lose.

Nearing the East Coast, Ben finds a ride with a lousy driving, blonde, blue-eyed female who makes him forget everything except that he has never been in love before. 


Roger D. Grady


Roger drowned when he was three. The experience changed the rest of his days. He mentors, works, teaches, consults, writes, and lives an appreciative eclectic life. He writes novels about the human character. His message is simple; find and share happiness. The next phase of our journey gets better.

He currently lives in the mountains of Arizona with his wife and animals, wild and domestic. 





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