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Adam Hawk US Marshal Volume 3

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Adam’s brother James, 8 years old, and his girl friend Sarah, also 8 years old, are kidnapped and taken to Mexico.

Robert Edwards, 12 years old, and Christine Warren, 11 years old, are also kidnapped by Jonas, Mathew Edwards’ brother.

Adam put Jonas in jail for trying to kill Mathew. Jonas worked the system and got out of jail after 6 months and wanted revenge. Jonas’ brother Raymond worked with him.

He had James and Robert and Christine kidnapped and was taking them to work in a mine in Mexico.

Sarah was taken because she was with James.

The journey is long and the James and Robert hold off Jonas and his gang until Hawk, Adam, Uncle Carlos, and Dan Edwards arrive to save them.

When they arrived in the town outside the mines Dan Edwards fell for Rosa. Her brother Santos was in the mines. Santos was 9 when he arrived at the mines. Santos was 12 when Dan and the others arrived to get him and the other 9 boys that were working in the mines out to safety.

Children grew up fast in the west. To be 13 or 14 years old was not like it was in New York or one of the big cities. In the west there were dangers and you had to think to protect those around you.

Follow Adam as he works with others to save his brother, James and Robert, Christine and Sarah and bring them safely back to the US.

Mathew Edwards adopts Santos and brings him to the US with them.



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