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Beyond Abuse: An Empowered Journey

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Beyond Abuse takes survivors on an experiential journey to overcome the long-term effects of abuse hidden within the psyche where they can begin to thrive, not just survive.

Taking the consciously empowered journey moves a survivor out of victimization where they can release the energetic charge on the internal conflicts, which clears a path to a more fulfilling life.

 Isn’t the external world chaotic enough without dealing with internal conflicts caused by abuse?

Have you recognized all the impacts where abuse has miscreated internal and external havoc in your life?

Science is bridging the gaps between science and pseudo-science. This book bridges the gap between clinical and self-help. It gives you practical ways to reconnect your mind, body, and spirit.

If releasing deeply rooted causes made your life less chaotic and profoundly more peaceful, would you take a conscious journey of self-awareness?

I’ve taken the consciously empowered journey of self-awareness and found peace, empowerment, and much more.

Seeing so many suffer inspired me to take my 30 years of study, research and practice, and share what has made the most profound impact in my over-coming abuse.

Your journey toward living the life you want and are worthy of having can be quickened and a reality.  You can have a life with wholeness of being.

Abuse is complex, intertwined, and encompasses many types. There is no instant fix. Along with the suggestions and techniques, I suggest using the aid of a band instead of a band-aid. Included are 70 song suggestions that let you know you aren’t alone in dealing with your abuse.

Abuse is not something you “just” get over. Abuse gets deeply buried into a person’s psyche and cellular memory. It sets a person up for a lifetime of unconsciously created drama and self-sabotage.

Modern Psychology recognizes that PTSD from long-term childhood sexual abuse can be as severe for a victim as it is for war veterans. It also recognizes that the trauma from sexual abuse creates devastating long-term effects with an endless list of conditions related to physical and mental health, mental disturbances, and brain dysfunction.  

When not dealt with, abuse festers in the subconscious, leads to attracting more abuse and a higher risk of mental conditions.

Sounds like a lost cause, but it’s not.

The good news is you can transform every aspect of your life.  You can find peace, freedom, fulfillment, love, and joy.



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