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Love Will Find A Way

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Love Me Love Me Not

Kristine dries her hands on her apron. She was finished with the lunch menu. She walked out back of the saloon and sat on a bench under a tree. She heard a sound and saw little Mathew. She smiled at him and he ran to her crying. “Pa is sick like Mas was.” Kristine picked up Mathew and ran with him to the Mercantile. Mathew’s father owned the store. She ran upstairs and entered his room slowly. The next three days were tending him, cooking for the saloon, and sleeping when she could.

Love Finds A Giving Heart

Sarah and her wards were on their way to Colorado. Her Uncle had taken her inheritance and married her by proxy to Mr. Jason Marshall in Colorado. She was on her way to see him and … well, she did not know what was going to happen. She would find out when she arrived. She was going to take care of Susan, Samuel, Mark, and Calvin. She had not planned on caring for Jason Marshall and working for him on his ranch.

We Are In It Together

Samantha Marion and Sally Marie were identical twins but that was all. Sally took care of the house while Sam took care of the ranch.

Their father signed a marriage contract with S. M. Nelson’s signature. The question was which one was married to Larry Carruthers.

Who killed their father, who was trying to kill Sam?

Their grandmother left them a message before she was killed. “They will kill you, like they killed me.”


We see love, we watch love but it never comes our way.

We long for it, want it but do not expect it to happen today.

We have strong feelings, we feel it is on its way.

But it is gone and then we feel and think what is there to say?

We thought we felt it or were we just looking for it in our dismay?

We see it, feel it, and dismiss it because they go away.

They return and we see them, watch them, and pray.

We see them coming and the feelings are strong, but will they stay?

They are holding us close, we see the love and our heart will obey.

Finding Love, Holding Love, Love will Find a Way.



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