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Traces of Eve Volume 1 of 3

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She walked alone on the sidewalk of the quiet, lonely street in the predawn hours, with no conscious thought of where she was going. No memory of yesterday clouded her mind. She only knew she had a destination. She stopped often to look at the houses and could feel a connection but was unable to reach it with her conscious mind. The cool breeze caressed her face and wound around her hair. She pulled her coat tightly around her and continued on her way.

She could feel something in the air, a stillness that was not there a moment ago. She turned towards the east and could see and feel the illusion of wakefulness, as she saw the first signs of day above the houses and trees that lined the street. She did not want to leave the feeling of peace and quiet that came over her.

Follow Grace as she walks in the footsteps of Eve only to discover a nightmare of events that would change both their lives forever.

Eve was taken from her home as a child.

Grace was adopted and never knew her mother.

They meet briefly then Eve is gone but there are memories that belong to Eve that now come to Grace.

The mystery of Eve’s kidnapping from her home, the many people that are involved in solving the mystery and the events that happen have twists and turns. New evidence unveils itself as we dig deeper into Eve’s disappearance and her presence in Grace’s mind.



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