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Sabrina Shares Stories inspired by true events in her life and gives real life insight, tips, tools and even provides WARNING SIGNS for children and parents to prevent and heal from sexual inappropriateness.

1.Give Yourself Permission to Heal

2.Create affirmations that speak to the person you WANT to be, the person you are becoming as a result of your healing

3.Forgive Yourself!!

4.Practice SELF LOVE EVERYDAY!! 5.Don't Hold In Your Feelings

5 STEP ACTION PLAN to begin the journey to set one free from the pain of the past.

Unforgiveness is carrying an unnecessary weight, that limits personal freedom and sabotages happiness. None of us are fortunate enough to escape the heartache and challenges that life brings. While We Can't Escape All Of Life's Hardships, We Can Choose To Heal And Recover.



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