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What is Branding? Before we get started with the first key to building a successful brand I need you understand what it is.

Branding is not a website, it is not a logo, it is not a building, or any object for that matter. It is not marketing, it is not sales, it is not so much what is seen AT FIRST.

It is what is FELT. I know that sounds deep, but it really is not. The brand is the essence or spirit of an organization. The brand is the promise, the principles, the moral beliefs, the DNA, if you will, of the company.

It is from that place your brand is conceived and your business is birthed. The success and longevity of your business greatly relies on your brand’s impact and consistency.

I often tell my clients, “I am not interested in building a brand as much as I am in changing a culture.”

Strong brands have the ability to influence and impact lives on a global scale. They break all the rules, they can connect people of different races, different financial backgrounds, and even conflicting lifestyles - all for one common purpose. Isn’t that powerful?



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