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The Call to Surrender

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In A Story of Surrender, Mulenga Chela not only opens up his own inspiring journey to us, but he also invites us into the journey God has laid out for each of us.  His story is an invitation to a life in which God's plans are always greater than our plans and in which He is always at work for the good of those who love Him.   

Mulenga introduces us to a God who asks for nothing less than total surrender and gives nothing less than His loving care through thick and thin.  This story will put your own struggles in perspective and put your own obedience to the test.   

At the same time it will fill you with hope and confidence in the loving and wise providence of our heavenly Father.   

If you are ready to be both deeply convicted and deeply encouraged, read this book.

Dave Gundlach, Pastor Grace Fellowship Church Orange County.



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