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Beyond The Grave

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"I write this down now in earnest, forI fear that my time may be at its end. My fever grows ever warmer and I cannot be sure whether or not my wits have fled and senses deceive me. I jump at every noise, and start at my own shadow. Please forgive the lack of certain details, as telling this story in full will not be possible I’m afraid, much to my regret.

Even now my assailant may have devised a way to uproot my meager defenses and make an end to my sufferings. I cannot decide whether this is not for the best because I have grown quite impatient with waiting for my own demise, and I have decided that the sooner my fall the better."

Read more to be thrilled every moment.

“Before I knew it, my friends appeared to have transformed into some diseased, bloated, terrible beasts, looking like long dead corpses. Their mouths showed too much teeth as they smiled horribly at me.”



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