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Ada's Eye Opener


Ada's Eye Opener: Managing Your Personal Finances


This book was designed to get you started and to help correct some of your unfavorable money habits. Some truths about money that we all need to know are:

It takes courage to be wealthy because it requires making whole life changes and delaying a few of your "wants" for right now.

Notice, I did not say to deny yourself of your wants, merely delay them so that you can handle basic needs without shipwrecking your finances.

We live in uncertain times in terms of job security or any other source of income. This brings us to the next point. Priority is the key here.

Needs should come before wishes and wants for example, Creator, family, money and "stuff'.

When our priorities are out of order, it looks like this: "stuff”, money, family and · Creator. Getting "stuff” when we have no money will almost always drown us in debt or cause lack which is the same as not having enough.



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