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The Woman With The Oil
Baring All and Healing From The Inside Out



Like an olive in harvest, she was shaken bruised, and crushed under the pressures of an abusive husband.  

Now, Jazmin Bailey, shares the gripping account of her toxic marriage and journey to self-love.

The Woman With The Oil: Baring All and Healing From The Inside Out takes readers on the natural progression of a woman who married fast and for all the wrong reasons, as she finally heals from wounds that were present long before her ex-husband ever raised his hand or voice.

These are the words that seeped from her heart directly to the page. You will feel each one. They will make you cry, laugh and ultimately think, how can I better love myself?

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The more I wrote, the more I saw — not just about my Ex (we’ll reference him as such from here on out), but about myself and my decisions. It was a reckoning for all my past wounds and I believe it will be for you, too.

Even if you could never see yourself being hemmed up by your significant other, there's something in these chapters for oil to heal.



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