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About The Book

The Corporate Playbook is a multipurpose success guide for small business owners who are seriously ready to scale their business and corporations in need of a practical tool to educate their employees on the Work Force Management model.

In this play by play manual, Janita Coley shares winning strategies utilized by fortune 500 companies, and she brilliantly translates corporate success models in a language that is digestible and easy to complement for entrepreneurs on any level.

Over a decade of experience as a corporate consultant and a WFM expert Juanita teaches the ambitious entrepreneur how to combine planning, processes and systems with their passion and purpose in order to generate consistent PROFIT.

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About the Author

Juanita’s journey through adolescent hardship, and her ability to triumph over life adversity early on, ignited a desire to serve, coach and educate those who has a strong will to win…NO MATTER WHAT!


Connecting with entrepreneurs who were full of passion but were pained by their lack of profitability and working side by side with corporate CEOs who consistently hit and even exceeded their sales targets inspired Juanita to develop a tool that would break down the fortune 500 grand design, so that small business entities of any caliber could learn it, apply it and SCORE big in business.



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