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Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart, The Guardian Chronicles: Volume 1

Scarlett’s sixteenth birthday is the end of her normal life


Breanne R. Winkle grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bleeding Heart is the first installment in her Guardian Chronicles series and her first novel.

Vivid nightmares revolving around her own death plague her each night. Normally open to any conversation, her mother is elusive on this topic.

Scarlett’s questions are left unanswered until she stumbles across Castle Meridian, a massive structure hidden within the forest around her hometown. Immersed in a world of vampires, lycanthrope, werewolves, sorcerers, and even a leshii she begins to realize her destiny as the Guardian.

With her enemies ruthlessly hunting her, Scarlett is faced with the reality of mortality and must decide if she is willing to give into the darkness or embrace her warrior destiny and fight back.

Watching her fall back asleep he crept out from where he had been hiding just inside the closet. She had almost caught him. Damned thunder, he thought to himself as he gazed down at the heavily shadowed face before him. The closed eyes looked troubled through the lids and the mouth was set in a frown. He knew of the dreams that haunted her. The mere thought of them made him cringe. Not right for such an angel to feel such pain. Not right. Too much darkness. He shook his head as he leaned forward and slipped into her mind with ease.

 It was dark. He could feel her terror of what was hidden within the inky shadows. In the darkness there were things lurking hungrily. All they needed was one misstep. The stench of blood invaded his nostrils. Old and fresh mixed together in the wind creating the intoxicating aroma of decay. He could see the chaotic flashes through the trees. All around him the bare limbs from the Howling Woods stretched and bent upwards like burned corpses. War was all around. She could never outrun it.



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